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Phase 2 ROTS
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240.00 $

Material - Resin cast. 

Price NOT included custom fees except for EU countries.

I need 1-2 weeks for prepearing your helmet to delivery

Bxb shipping takes 4-7 weeks after sending.

Size of helmets: about 62 centimeters in diameter.

All helmets are for adults. Unfortunately, these helmets can be huge for adolescents and children.

If you have any problem, please, contact with me on email [email protected] or instagram @samoilovart

Reviews: 9
Supported formats: jpg, .jpeg, .png
No more than 5pcs and 5mb
Benji Levin
Real buyer
Looks amazing, straight out of the movie! Excellent work.
One of the most reviewed helmets on the site, let the 5 stars and photos speak for themselves. SamoilovART's Shock Trooper helmet is just amazing. I'd been waiting for this one to restock and it was well worth the wait. Clone trooper ROTS mold is the BEST on the market and the paint job hands down outstanding. The wear and tear of the helmet just adds so much character. A must own for any true collector and clone fan.

High praise to the team and artist who created my helmet. Much love!
Nicholas Daniel Nguyen
Context: A year ago, one of my newer friends told me when his birthday was so in the back of my head, I was thinking of a gift I could give him. A few months ago, he and I were talking and I learned that he loved Star Wars as he had commented on a photo I've taken with my own helmet, also from SamoilovArt. I asked him what his favorite clone legion was, and he answered that it was either the Coruscant Guard or the Mace Windu's clone legion. So I kept that in mind also. From that point on, I knew I would buy him a Coruscant Guard clone helmet from SamoilovArt. I waited until the next time the helmet was in stock and immediately snagged one.

When I received it, I had given it to my friend as an early birthday present as I feared I would not see him in the coming weeks (and I was right). I would rather give someone an early birthday present than a late present. Once I saw him, I gave it to him and hinted at what it was, saying that I was flexing on my memory twice as I remembered when his birthday was and what his favorite clone legion was. He figured it out and was very excited. Once he opened it up, he was very happy and I will not forget his smile. That had made my day.

To this point, I've not had the opportunity to take a picture of it with him, but once I do, hopefully I can post it somewhere.
Luis Francisco
I am so happy I pulled the trigger on this helmet. The weathering blew every expectation I had and the helmet looks better in person! I can’t wait to buy my next helmet!
What can I say, this is my third helmet that I order from SamoilovART and as always I am never disappointed. Wonderful helmet of exceptional quality, the color and dirt caused by the battle damage on the helmet are made divinely well. Excellent shipping, package arrived in perfect condition.
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