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Delivery information 

The following information regulates the actions before, after and in the process of the delivery of the order via BXB By Boxberry international delivery service. 

When an order is placed, the sender must:

  1. Ship the order according to the terms of agreement of the online store;

  2. Provide the addressee with a tracking number and ensure the addressee can check the status of the parcel by providing him with the link to the website where he/she can check the delivery progress or submitting a feature on the online store website with the same possibility to track the parcel;

  3. Cancel the order if the delivery is temporarily or permanently impossible due to any consequences.

When the order is being delivered, the addressee can contact the sender or the delivery service BXB By Boxberry using this link. 

In order for the delivery to be successful the addressee must:

  1. Be registered with the tax authority in the country of destination;

  2. If necessary, pay the import custom fees when the order arrives at the destination country;

  3. If necessary, provide the customs with the copy of the invoice of the order;

  4. Have a valid phone number and a valid email address in case the local delivery company needs to contact the addressee.

In case the parcel is damaged the addressee must provide the delivery service or the sender with the photos of the packaging of the parcel and the damaged order itself up to 5 calendar days from receiving the parcel. If the addressee does not provide the photos in time the sender can choose whether he will return the cost of the parcel+delivery\resend the parcel or not do so. 

In case the parcel is lost the addressee must contact the delivery service or the sender up to 40 calendar days after the latest status on the BXB by Boxberry tracking. If necessary , the addressee must sign the document of the Landmark Global delivery service to start the investigation and potentially compensate for the cost of the parcel and the delivery in case the parcel will be considered lost.