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Material - Resin cast. 

Price NOT included custom fees except for EU countries.

I need 1-2 weeks for prepearing your helmet to delivery

Bxb shipping takes 4-7 weeks after sending.

Size of helmets: about 62 centimeters in diameter.

All helmets are for adults. Unfortunately, these helmets can be huge for adolescents and children.

If you have any problem, please, contact with me on email [email protected] or instagram @samoilovart

Reviews: 5
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No more than 5pcs and 5mb
Amazing looking helmet. Level of detail, paint job and scuffing make it look incredibly realistic. Fit is perfect, making it fun to wear. Shipping to the Netherlands took about 3-4 weeks, which really surprised me. I couldn’t be happier. You guys have definitely earned a new returning customer.
Eli Duckworth
I was absolutely blown away by this helmet. I had been wanting Colt’s helmet for a very long time and was surprised to see one in stock during the last helmet drop. When I got the helmet, I was absolutely in love. The detail is incredible, the quality fantastic, and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it on my shelf.
I really appreciated seeing other buyers photos, as it helped my decision to put down some hard earned cash on this helmet. The helmet has the perfect length, height and width - perfect design in my opinion compared to competitors out there. The paint job is just outstanding, and the scuffs and marks just make it more authentic. It's light weight helmet if your into cosplay I guess - for me this is just a great art piece. Shipping to Canada only took about 4-5 weeks and delivery came via Canada Post. My only feedback might be on the inside of the helmet, add some additional padding around the brim of the helmet would create more value at this price point. Overall very satisfied with the purchase, and very likely to order again real soon!
Clark Hartrum
Once again amazing!! You cannot beat these helmets, good price point and the work SamoilovART does is amazing. Shipping was fast and was well packed. A big thanks to SamoilovART for providing a perfect piece of art. Another fine clone helmet to add to my collection!!!
Tyler Miller
great helmet great detail another amazing helmet
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