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Darth Nihilus
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250.00 $

Material - Resin cast. 

Price NOT included custom fees except for EU countries.

I need 1-2 weeks for prepearing your helmet to delivery

Bxb shipping takes 4-7 weeks after sending.

Size of helmets: about 62 centimeters in diameter.

All helmets are for adults. Unfortunately, these helmets can be huge for adolescents and children.

If you have any problem, please, contact with me on email [email protected] or instagram @samoilovart

Reviews: 4
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No more than 5pcs and 5mb
Alora King
My husband had been eyeing this helmet for 6 months and doing the "Eh, I don't need it," thing. I purchased it for him for Christmas. Shipping was quick, (It got here before Christmas!), the seller was very responsive to all of my questions, and upon opening, I heard a grown man scream in what I could only quantify as pure joy. Now, I have no knowledge of these products beyond seeing it, but the expert of our house said, "It looks better in person, and I don't know how that is possible!! It is perfect!" For the Star Wars enthusiast in your life, I dare say this is likely one of the best things you could get them. 10/10, will likely use this as Christmas for several years given that this design is one of many he kept in his saved.
- Package arrived in very good time.
- Helmet was packed very professionally and was well protected.
- Helmet is a beautiful original design.
- Helmet is very light and sturdy, ideal for cosplay!
- Paintwork is absolutely beautiful and professional!
I got my Helmet few days ago and i have to say its so beautiful and it has amazing details to explore all around the helmet i love the style cause darth nihilus has a mask and no helmet but its just stunning what this company was coming up with
This is a design I haven't seen for this character before, and it's definitely one of the best I've come across. Most haven't even been helmets at all, just masks in the shape of the white area. Features like the nose and chin areas really stand out to form another incredible helmet, dripping with maximum detail and sinister vibes.
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