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Cody Phase 2 CW
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310.00 $

Material - Resin cast. 

Price NOT included custom fees except for EU countries.

I need 1-2 weeks for prepearing your helmet to delivery

Bxb shipping takes 4-7 weeks after sending.

Size of helmets: about 62 centimeters in diameter.

All helmets are for adults. Unfortunately, these helmets can be huge for adolescents and children.

If you have any problem, please, contact with me on email [email protected] or instagram @samoilovart

Reviews: 4
Supported formats: jpg, .jpeg, .png
No more than 5pcs and 5mb
Ryley Ameden
When Lego released the Cody helmet I knew I had to get a full size one to go along side it and it wasn't even a decision to get it from Samoilovart! The helmet is beautiful and the paint is top tier! I'll def be adding more to my wall
Dylan Murphy
Great details on these helmets they're top of the line I recommend anyone looking for a good star wars prop check out SamoilovART
Brandon mc
Amazing work. The attention to detail is unreal. Best helmet I’ve ever bought.
Christopher Pia
Absolutely amazing helmet. I’ve been following Samoilavart for a couple of years now and finally decided to get one of their helmets. I couldn’t be happier with what I received. I’ve built my own helmets and bought others from different stores, but the detail on Samoilavs blows the others away. My one complaint is that the helmet is a little small for my head, but I have a pretty huge head. If I take out the padding I know my head will fit though.
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