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Phase 2 ROTS
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375.00 $

Material - Resin cast. 

Price NOT included custom fees except for EU countries.

I need 1-2 weeks for prepearing your helmet to delivery

Bxb shipping takes 4-7 weeks after sending.

Attention - Batteries are not included. 

You will need a 9v Krona battery to turn on the visor light. 

Size of helmets: about 62 centimeters in diameter.

All helmets are for adults. Unfortunately, these helmets can be huge for adolescents and children.

If you have any problem, please, contact with me on email [email protected] or instagram @samoilovart

Reviews: 2
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No more than 5pcs and 5mb
Gabby C.
I've been wanting to purchase this helmet for about a year now and finally had a chance to purchase it in late January. I'm absolutely in love with the product. It's just as beautiful as I imagined in person. Added bonus is the LED effects for the helmet. It does not come with a 9V battery so remember to pick one up for your helmet! Highly recommend this helmet to anyone a fan of the Clone Wars/Gar Saxon/Darth Maul.
George Santiago
The helmet came out amazing. I’ve been following SamoilovART for a minute. His work has always impressed me and I’m grateful I’ve finally been able to pick up one of his pieces. I love the creativity of combining Darth Maul and a Clone trooper. Best of both worlds. The combination is so badass. The helmet has fantastic quality and it arrived faster than I expected. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and honestly I might be on the lookout for another one. The LED in the helmet was another great touch that really impressed me. I was so hyped waiting for the helmet and it lived up to it. Overall, I highly recommend any of the helmets SamoilovART puts out. Only complaint it’s almost impossible for me to put on just based on the size, but I think that may be due to more to my head. It’s definitely worth it tho, don’t miss out.
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